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Any patient who has had a hernia repaired at The British Hernia Centre is invited to post comments on his/her experience on this blog. It is intended to be a guide for others who are contemplating having their hernia repaired.

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96 thoughts on “Patients’ Reviews, Blog & Comments

  1. LR said:

    I am very thankful to you for accommodating my procedure during a very busy time for you. My experience was outstanding; my first contact with your centre was very professional and helpful. The people at the hospital were very kind and the surgeon was very knowledgeable and explained things to me in an easy way.

    After six weeks I went for a hike with my family and friends to the ‘Portuguese Bridge’ near Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Now, after six months I actually have totally forgotten I had a surgical procedure and again I went for a hard-core hike, including a walk to the 2nd highest point in Ethiopia, in the ‘Bale Mountains National Park’.

  2. FJ said:

    I was getting desperate due to complete local neglect by NHS AND private hospitals plus my local GP practice, resulting in heart problems.

    The Hernia by now was very severe when I found your wonderful specialist unit’s procedure was unlikely to do more damage to my Heart.

    Everyone was so helpful, cheerful and kind from the ladies in Admin to the surgeon and the others in theatre, along with such good surroundings and pleasant banter which I appreciated.

    The total service – including food – was of unexpected quality. I keep telling everyone how good you were and that during the operation I enjoyed the experience.

    I slept for only three hours that night – not due to pain or soreness, but sheer disbelief and elation. I did not have any bruising or bleeding. It was one of the best and most memorable, good things that I have ever experienced from the medical profession.

    Thanks to all concerned. Since the operation so many acquaintances seeing me again for the first time have started with “You’re looking very well!”. It has lifted a lot of worries from my shoulders.

  3. RM said:

    I am very pleased with my umbilical hernia repair at The British Hernia Centre and wish to convey my grateful thanks to my surgeon and the entire team for the care and expert treatment I received.

    It is early days, but I am already without pain and my only concern is to take it easy as I already feel as if I can return to sports activities again. I would advise anyone considering hernia treatment to bite the bullet without any hesitation.

  4. DC said:

    HIATUS Hernia

    I had a Hiatus Hernia repair just over two weeks ago under the care of The British Hernia Centre. The outcome has been outstanding, absolutely zero acid reflux, zero complications and I was able to return to a physical job just 10 days after the operation, I even had no need for painkillers or any other medication 48 hours after the op. The staff were fantastic and the whole thing which I was very anxious about went brilliantly.

    For the first time in 7 years since the operation I have had no need for Ompeprazole, have had very little Colic, am able to belch (which they say after such operations is rare) and have had absolutely NO acid reflux which I had so severely led to Barretts Oesophagus by age 27.

    If the long-term outcome is as good as it has been so far, these guys will have literally changed my life. The money I spent to have this privately done was worth every penny and I cannot thank these guys enough. If you are still undecided then at the very least go speak to these guys.

  5. GB said:

    I am DELIGHTED with the way everything has worked out. On the day of the operation every member of staff was simply wonderful, you have a great team.

    I felt relaxed and very confident in the hands of the surgeon and I believe he carried out an excellent hernia repair. Within a week I was gently returning to normal activities and everything was as it had been described to me both verbally by the staff and also in the literature that was given to me on my discharge.

  6. JP said:

    The whole experience of having my hernia repair was first rate, from start to finish. I have nothing but praise for everyone involved in the administration and medical procedures. My recovery following initial inconvenience common with any operation was quite swift and trouble free. I would have no hesitation in recommending treatment at the British Hernia Centre.

  7. JK said:

    You provided exactly what I expected from your website. The whole process was extremely efficient, pain free and conducted in a very friendly atmosphere. Normality returned in about 5 days.

    Since the op I have resumed gardening, DIY, and driven 2,424 miles on a 3 week tour of Ireland!

    I am a really happy ‘customer’ who would recommend you to anyone I meet in similar circumstances to mine. Praise be that I don’t get another hernia, but if I do I will be in touch for further treatment and help.

    Thanks for everything.

  8. RP said:

    I had a massive hiatus hernia with both my stomach and spleen herniated into my chest. I had trouble eating and breathing properly. In Leicester, where I live, the surgeon was going to open a 10 inch scar I had from another type of rare hernia. I didn’t want this so I got in touch with the British Hernia Centre.

    Three weeks ago I had my operation, which was done laparoscopically (keyhole)! The surgeon I had was just brilliant! I’d like to thank him and all the staff on level 2 for looking after me so well. I’m actually enjoying eating again and my breathing is wonderful, I’d forgotten what is was like to do these two things normally. So thank you all so much for giving me back a normal life.

    • British Hernia Centre said:

      It is hard for people to understand how much pleasure WE get from words like yours. Achieving these results is why we get out of bed in the morning!

  9. LW said:

    It is now 3 weeks since my operation and all is going to plan (exactly as you said it would), with no complications or problems whatsoever.

    I have been trekking in the hills each day for the last week and have started running again after a gentle build up without any problems or restrictions.

    Once again many thanks for your care and attention and please extend my best wishes to your team.

    I now look forward to some good mountains in the near future. You made this possible.

  10. H N said:

    Never in history has a surgeon done a 100% operation ie. complete perfection in both the operation and recovery. Thanks to the Almighty, I am that man.

    As soon as the operation was completed, I had no pain whatsoever, I had complete movement immediately after the operation, could tie my shoelaces, bend down without any pain, etc. i even danced in my room.

    I cannot thank you enough. The surgeon was SUPERB together with the other members of the team. The nurses were suberb. basically, I am your best advert to the public/outside world. It was awesome. In fact, it was as if I never had an operation!!!! Everyone in my community couldn’t believe my miraculous recovery, etc.

    Keep up the great work. The best deserves the best, I am more than prepared to spread the word worldwide. Don’t blame me when you will expand so greatly, you won’t be able to cope!!! I owe it to you.

    • The British Hernia Centre said:

      We suppose this could be described as a ‘satisfied customer’.

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