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Any patient who has had a hernia repaired at The British Hernia Centre is invited to post comments on his/her experience on this blog. It is intended to be a guide for others who are contemplating having their hernia repaired.

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83 thoughts on “Patients’ Reviews, Blog & Comments

  1. Robert H said:

    It’s now been 6 months since my operation, I’m male and in my early 30s. Like many people browsing this site you’ll be wondering if it’s better to leave it and do nothing. I just wanted to reassure you that having it done is the best decision. No more worrying about it getting worse.

    I had a great experience from the pre-op consultations through to the quality of the hospital on the day and the after care, they have time for your concerns and put me at ease. I was home the next day, back at work within 2 weeks (could have gone sooner). I am now back to intensive cycling every weekend with only a small scar to show for the operation. I would recommend you contact them.

  2. Randy B (From the USA) said:

    This past summer while working on my farm, a bulge appeared in my abdomen. I immediately went to my doctor and found that I had bilateral inguinal hernias (a ‘double hernia’). I was then scheduled for surgery here in North Carolina. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance but my cost after co-insurance and deductible was still going to be almost $5,000. This laparoscopic procedure was also going to keep me from any lifting and exercise for several weeks. I started researching if there was any better procedure and also a less expensive alternative.

    To my luck, I found the British Hernia Center. They had a different procedure that was done under local anesthesia and had very little down time. Their cost was only £3,500 or around $5,300 total [both hernias]. They also take Blue Cross Insurance. After verifying everything with my insurance, I was on my way to London in less than two weeks. I used air miles so the flight cost was less than $100 round trip.

    We booked a bed and breakfast near the hospital. I was tested for MRSA the next morning. We went back to the hospital that afternoon and had the procedure. Four hours later (including cab ride) we were back at our bed and breakfast. The hospital was immaculate and the staff very kind and professional. The next afternoon, I spent six hours touring London with my wife. The following morning we took a bus to Southampton and went on a ten night Baltic Cruise. Two days into the cruise we rented bicycles in Copenhagen and spent the day touring. I could also handle my luggage on the way to the ship.

    All and all, we flew to London had the surgery, toured London, went on a 10 night Cruise and still saved a few thousand dollars.

    I would highly recommend anyone with a hernia to go to The British Hernia Center for the best hernia repair possible. I am eight months out now and have experienced no complications and only minor soreness for the first few days after the initial procedure.

  3. Ian L said:

    I incurred a Hernia as a sporting injury. Whilst working very long hours in the City (for an extremely high profile fund manager) I found that surgery could wait no longer. I needed to ensure that I was fit and back to work as quickly as possible.

    I did thorough research, and I did not hesitate to book myself in for hernia surgery with The British Hernia Centre. The confidence and care that I received from my surgeon and the staff at the hospital has been brilliant. The repair performed has been faultless for many years. You could not wish for better.

  4. Sam said:

    In 2002, I traveled from New York to have my inguinal hernia repaired at the BHC.

    I had wonderful care, a rapid recovery, and have had a trouble-free repair for more than 12 years. I also got to do some sightseeing just 24 hours after surgery.

    Going to the BHC was one of the best choices I have ever made. Thanks!!!

  5. Barry L said:

    I am very happy with the treatment and the recovery period which was much quicker than the keyhole surgery I had on the NHS 5 months ago.

    I am very happy and could not fault the treatment before, during or afterwards.

    Apart from numbness and a bit of discomfort which is getting better by the day, I am back to cycling and running.

    I could not be happier.

  6. John P said:

    I have no hesitation in recommending anyone with a hernia to consult The British Hernia Centre.

    For me the operation has given me my life back again.

    I am 78 but I still wanted to lead an active life. The hernia put paid to most of the things I wished to do. After some research and reading various forums where people have related some frightening post operation experiences I decided that a Specialist Hernia Centre was the prudent choice for my operation.

    I had the operation 30 days ago and my life is well on track to being back to normal. I was able to drive after 4 days and (with caution) able to do most things after 10 days. The pain early days was minimal – I took ibuprofen for the first 2 days mainly to reduce possible inflammation. I am confident that in another 2 months I will be fully recovered well in time for the ski season!

    My grateful thanks to my surgeon and The British Hernia Centre.

  7. John B said:

    I would just like to thank my surgeon and the wonderful staff for the care and attention received at the British Hernia Centre.

    The whole operation lasted about 1.5 hrs including recovery etc but at no point did I feel discomfort or lacking in confidence because I was surrounded by genuine caring nurses/staff.

    I had the opposite side hernia repaired some 10 yrs ago at the British Hernia Centre. Touch wood I have never had a problem with this previous repair hence my reasons for selecting the British Hernia Centre to undertake the current repair.

    I am 68 yrs old and have already returned to bowling some 7 days after the repair and intend to start gym next week – 1 month after the procedure.

  8. Michael L said:

    It all went very well and the stay overnight with a good dinner and a good breakfast a big help.

    The medical and nursing staff were kind and very caring.

    I was back to my normal routine in 5 days. I feel I was in very good hands.

    • The British Hernia Centre said:

      We endeavour to give the best hernia repairs in the world known to surgical science but it seems the good breakfast is what is remembered! Oh well, as long as the patient is happy, we are.

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