Recovery – After the procedure
(our patients)

Riding Bikes,  –  Flying Tiger Moths  –  Climbing Mountains ?

The patient leaves the theatre and relaxes for a while. He or she can read the newspapers, eat and drink as normal straight away and relax comfortably for an hour or so.

We all differ in our recuperative powers but it is quite typical for a patient, after as little as 30 minutes, to be able to get up, go up and down stairs, go for a walk, even ride an exercise bicycleOn a Bike After Surgery and not need any bed-rest at all. (See actual case histories on the Patients’ Blog page)

After ensuring that the patient is well enough, he or she leaves for home. Patients are often able to go for a gentle jog the day following the operation and steadily get back to normal routine. Indeed, we encourage as much activity as is comfortable as soon as possible. With our techniques, it is virtually impossible to undo or damage the repair.

A significant number of patients do not need to take any painkillers whatsoever after leaving the centre. There are no stitches to be removed and no special medical or nursing aftercare is needed.

What is the recovery time?

Naturally, the return to normal activity depends upon a number of factors.


In our experience many patients are able to return to their normal routines in about three days.

More physical occupations, including sport, may take a little longer, commonly up to about two weeks.

In any event, the recovery time for each individual can be expected to last a fraction of the time it takes elsewhere and with the older methods.

This patient climbed Mount Kilimanjaro a matter of MONTHS afterKili2 her hernia repair.


Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa at almost 20,000 feet.








She started training 4 weeks after her procedure and was able to train and complete climb without any problem.

She says she could have made the climb even sooner but for waiting for the right weather.

We are so proud of her.


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