Why a specialist hernia centre?

The Value of specialisation

By concentrating solely on the work performed in hernia repair, the dedicated team at The British Hernia CentreBritish Hernia Centre Team is able to constantly increase its expertise in the field and develop improved techniques based on a wealth of highly focused experience. With cases added to by the thousand each year, this enables the centre to offer the finest treatment possible in all hernia cases.

The Royal College of Surgeons has stated:

“The important message is that outcome is dependent on the application of a standard technique by well trained and skilled operators. The best results are achieved in units devoted to hernia surgery.”

The British Hernia Centre is the UK’s first and only such specialist centre spanning the course of over 30 years and has proven the above declaration to be absolutely correct. Indeed, The British Hernia Centre now performs more of these operations than any surgical unit in the world.


What about complex cases?

The unparalleled level of experience achieved by the surgeons at the Centre, means that they often repair hernias that have been rejected elsewhere. Our case load inevitably include a large number of all types of complex cases. Our invaluable experience is passed on to all patients, however simple or complex the case.

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