A word about MRSA

MRSA – Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus

mrsa bactThese are dangerous infections (sometimes called superbugs) far more common than before, resistant to antibiotics and which cause very serious complications especially in post-surgical hospital patients. The problem has grown significantly in recent years, even in countries as developed as the UK and USA.

The British Hernia Centre, in over 35 years and many tens of thousands of surgical cases, has never suffered a single case of MRSA.


The reason for this is Specialisation.


There are several factors at play in this subject, but put at its most basic, an expert surgeon in a particular operation is likely to require a significantly smaller incision, exposing significantly less internal tissue to the risks from the outside environment. In addition, his expertise will often allow him to complete his job faster, thus reducing the time the patient is exposed to that risk.

We believe that hernia surgery performed in a dedicated, specialist hernia unit is less risky and helps to keep our patients safe from MRSA.


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