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Any patient who has had a hernia repaired at The British Hernia Centre is invited to post comments on his/her experience on this blog. It is intended to be a guide for others who are contemplating having their hernia repaired.

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124 thoughts on “Patients’ Reviews, Blog & Comments

  1. AvatarCS said:

    I want to say how grateful I am to everyone at the British Hernia Centre for the wonderful attention received at the weekend. From admittance through to discharge the same day, I cannot fault the professionalism and concern of all the staff. In particular, a big thank you of course to the surgeon and anaesthetist for their reassurance and humour during the procedure.

    Local anaesthetic meant that I was able to chat away to them during the whole operation which was completed in 30 minutes. I was then attended to by a lovely man in the recovery room who put me at ease and assessed my level of coherence post op. Not to forget the nurse who ensured I was comfortable both pre and post op.

    A very well appointed private room and a most welcome lunch post op meant I was ready to leave in a much better condition than I could possibly have hoped for.

    Now into my third day of recovery, I managed a one hour walk yesterday with no after effects.
    All in all, a RESULT! Thank you all so much.

  2. AvatarJS said:

    Splendid experience in every way with friendly, professional assistance from all those involved, particularly Liz of Patient Care, the nursing staff responsible for Coronovirus testing, the Operating Theatre and Recovery Room staff, the helpful anaesthetist and of course my excellent consultant, who was particularly friendly and helpful. The telephone consultation was followed by a completely successful and pain-free repair of my Inguinal hernia under a local anaesthetic.

    Subsequently I followed the clear post-operative guidance leaflet and after a couple of days stopped using the recommended pain killers (Ibuprofen and Paracetamol) because they were not needed. Removal of the dressing after the recommended 7 days revealed a small, cleanly healed scar.

    Despite the present pandemic, as an 82 year old asthmatic, I was made to feel safe from my arrival for the first Covid test 48 hrs beforehand until my departure when I walked out after the Operation was over, fed and in comfort. I could not have asked for better treatment: my grateful thanks to all concerned.

  3. AvatarRD said:

    Full of admiration. You deserve your reputation as the world’s leading hernia facility.

    Not only has the recuperation from my hernia procedure followed precisely what you predicted but none of the unlikely problems, about which I was cautioned, has arisen. Thank you – all of you. But especially my surgeon, and the theatre team who assisted him as well as all those who were involved prior to and after the procedure.

    It is wonderful to be freed from all the constraints to one’s life caused by the hernia.

    You are all fabulous!

  4. AvatarAS said:

    Just a short note to let you know that I am so pleased I chose The British Hernia Centre.

    I want to thank you for your help in arranging my first appointment, and then the consequent rearranging of my procedure, which was so very much appreciated. You must have gone through hoops to arrange that second appointment so quickly, in addition to your assistance in arranging a COVID test for me.

    The professional and friendly approach of my surgeon and his team was beyond compare. He and the anaesthetist explained everything in layman’s terms ensuring that I felt totally comfortable with the whole procedure.

    Although I was helped by many members of the nursing staff, I would particularly like to send extra thanks and appreciation to nurse Michelle, who was so attentive, helpful and kind. A credit to any nursing organization and a star in yours.

    I would not hesitate to recommend The British Hernia Center to anyone who is in the same situation that I was in.

    Many Grateful Thanks

  5. AvatarJW said:

    I had an inguinal hernia repair by you about 2 years ago now, and I just wanted to say thank you.

    Since having the repair done I have never looked back. I do a lot of exercise and was worried pre-op that I would be restricted in what I could do afterwards. Within a very short space of time however I was back doing everything I did before – weights, running, swimming etc, and all with no issues at all. I regularly compete in obstacle course races and competed in the World Championships this year.

    With all that these entail I again have had no issues at all.

    I had a previous hernia repair at a different hospital that was never much good and will be need to re-done, but I will have no hesitation in booking in with you again when the time comes.

    Again, I just wanted to extend my thanks to The British Hernia Centre for such a fantastic repair, I am extremely grateful.

  6. AvatarDB said:

    Hi. I had my Hernia Repair nearly 30 Years ago and remember the day well, with neighbours thinking I’d gone mad doing a 3 mile jjog the evening of the surgery.

    I’ve had a number of approaches over recent years concerned about patch failure and triggered by cold callers and press sensationalism.

    I can happily say that I’ve never had a moment’s trouble since with the repair. I’ve subsequent experienced a key hole repair through medical insurance and only wish it had been using the technique used previously as I was black and blue and swollen.

    Many Thanks

    • AvatarBritish Hernia Centre said:

      What a shame you went for a different technique the next time. It does not necessarily follow that laparoscopy itself will cause problems but it is not normally our method of choice for reasons explained on this web site. There are many factors that influence the risks and the outcome.

      In the time since we fixed your first hernia we have done more of these procedures than anybody in the world so you might think we must be doing something right!

  7. AvatarMD said:

    Thrilled! My surgeon is an outstanding surgeon. I only had very mild discomfort for about 48 hours and absolutely no pain. I took an Ibuprofen before the taxi ride home, plus another dose the first night just in case, then abandoned painkillers as pointless. The incision has now virtually healed with just a small firm ridge.

    Before the operation my hernia was causing discomfort making hiking not pleasurable. Since the operation I have hiked a genuine 100+ miles with no discomfort or pain whatsoever, and am looking forward to hiking the South Downs Way in a few weeks time.

    Asking the British Hernia Centre to perform the operation was the best thing I ever did. The whole experience was stress-free, the surgical team were kind, friendly and good humoured, the nursing care thorough and careful, even my lunch was beautifully cooked!

    Thank you, all of you, for putting me back on the road. You did a great job for which I am profoundly grateful.

    • AvatarSE said:

      What kind of problems were you having when hiking? I’ve had problems as well and wonder if it’s related to the hiatus hernia.
      Thank you

      • Please be sure to distinguish between an abdominal wall hernia and a hiatus hernia They are different conditions with different approaches to repair and with different symptoms. Both are well explained on this web site.

  8. AvatarPC said:

    In my 71 years I have never had an anaesthetic and never undergone surgery – until yesterday – when I had a right inguinal hernia repaired under local anaesthetic at the British Hernia Centre.

    I was completely unaware that I had in fact been asleep while this was done. The operation took around half an hour and I felt nothing.

    The team, including my anaesthetists, the theatre staff and all the superb nurses who cared for me from the moment I arrived could not have have done more to ensure my safety and my wellbeing throughout my stay.

    Today 24 hours later I am a little sore but Paracetamol and Ibuprofen are all I have required for pain relief. I have been at work today – admittedly in a low key role- and have negotiated stairs with only slight discomfort

    I can wholeheartedly recommend anyone with a hernia to contact the British Hernia Centre without delay

    Thank you to all those people who were involved in my operation yesterday. You are all wonderful individuals and I feel honoured to have met you and be cared for by you.

  9. AvatarEH said:

    I shall be age 73 next month. I had a right-side inguinal hernia operation on 3 June 2019. Recovery has been very quick – 95% complete. Nine days after the operation, I am generally unaware that I have had surgery. Zero pain getting out of bed. No bruising. A slight ache is noticeable when I walk for too long, which is to be expected one week after an operation. No neuropathic (nerve) pain.

    I am sure the operation has been 100% successful. Brilliant surgeon and medical team. The whole process from first consultation to operation took only five days. My only problem was having my blood pressure taken. I must have the worst example of ‘white coat hypertension’ in the UK!!

    Definitely a 5 star medical centre.

  10. AvatarAS said:

    I am so glad that I had the procedure when I did, as I was having symptoms that indicated that I needed to have it done ASAP!!

    I now don’t have to worry about it any more & can crack on with being a busy Mum again, doing all the fun & crazy things I do with my toddlers!!!

    I am so glad I had it done!!

    The hospital environment was also AMAZING!! It was calm, relaxing and the staff were extremely attentive and kind. Thank you.

  11. AvatarRG said:

    Being self employed I timed the procedure for just before Easter, had 2 weeks work after that and then went on a planned holiday for a week.

    It all worked out extremely well. I was cycling after 6 days, taught swimming after 12 days and conservatively left it until this week to go back to the gym.

    Very glad I did it and glad to be back to my life before the hernia developed. You never can anticipate how you are going to feel but I have felt as right as rain since the anaesthetic wore off and only really took 1.5 working days off!

  12. AvatarDr PB said:

    Thank you to all the wonderful staff at the British Hernia Centre. I was very impressed by your kindness and professional service. My surgeon is exceptional in his integrity and compassion. He really went the extra mile to ensure that I received the right treatment. The advice he gave me not to go ahead with our planned surgery meant he lost the fee (which was promptly refunded) and the theatre booking we had arranged. On top of this he arranged for a colleague to see me the following day just to be sure it was the right decision.

    I highly recommend the centre to anyone considering private surgery, you will be in very safe hands here.

    • AvatarThe British Hernia Centre said:

      We cannot overemphasise the importance of knowing when NOT to operate. Our section on Sports Hernias mentions this. It all hinges on a proper diagnosis to determine which cases should be operable and which not. Sometimes, this is not obvious and takes expert eyes. There are cases where operating is NOT appropriate and could do much more harm than good. See Sport, Groin Pain and Hernia

  13. AvatarDE said:

    I cannot thank the surgical team enough for giving me my quality of life back. Using the British Hernia Centre was the best outcome for me. I am convinced that the operation outcome will be better than using my local NHS hospital because of your expertise in hernia repair.

  14. AvatarPH said:

    I’m amazed at how life changing this op has been. I feel young again! After just a week I was cycling again. After 4 weeks I’m fine with 60-70 mile rides at my normal fast pace. Amazing!

  15. AvatarIS said:

    I did not forget it was a year today that I had the TRIPLE hernia procedure and was going to send my heartfelt thanks once again. It was a nice touch to receive the follow-up questionnaire.

    May I once again pass on my gratitude to my surgeon who carried out the triple repair but also on one had to make good a three time failed previous repair! [performed elsewhere]

    I am now teaching PE again and as a former elite level road racing cyclist am enjoying training again bent double with no issues!!

    Thank you to everyone who made my experience so positive at a time when I was really struggling. As always I recommend the BHC at every opportunity.

    • AvatarThe British Hernia Centre said:

      We love to hear from our previous patients – to tell us how well they got on after their repair here. Yours was more complex than most, being three hernias one of which having been repaired elsewhere and failed three times! We were delighted to do for you exactly as we described and we hope to hear from you again next year with more good news!

  16. AvatarMA said:

    I am so pleased I had my operation performed at the British Hernia Centre, every aspect of the experience was first class! I had no pain with minimum discomfort. I was up and about hours after my operation.

    “The Gold standard in hernia repair”

  17. AvatarRW said:

    I am happy and relieved that this procedure is concluded, and thrilled that the result appears to have been so successful.

    I was surprised at the lack of post-operative pain I experienced (compared with a previous hernia procedure) and I returned to normal activities sooner than I anticipated after the operation.

    I have nothing but respect and admiration for the surgeon and his team, who showed great professionalism and kindness towards me at every stage. Thank you!

    • AvatarThe British Hernia Centre said:

      This, coming from a consultant specialist in another field of medicine is praise indeed. We are all quite touched. Thank you.

  18. AvatarMC said:

    At 45 years old this is only the second operation I’ve ever had.

    The anaesthetist and surgeon put me completely at ease to the point where the surgeon said “nearly done“ to which I replied that I thought he was still prepping!

    The care and professionalism from start to end by all was exceptional. Thank you.

    Today just two weeks after the operation I have walked 20,000 steps two days in a row, swam 900m front crawl and have been using the cross trainer/swimming 200 to 300 m every other day for the last week.

    I also just booked my first triathlon of the season and a ski holiday in March.

  19. AvatarMA said:

    After suffering with a groin Hernia I decided to see a consultant and get it fixed, I’m in BUPA so I booked in to see a hernia specialist in Manchester where I live. The consultant was excellent, he said he could perform the operation using keyhole surgery and I would have a general anaesthetic. He said it wasn’t an easy operation but he had done many of them so there would not be a problem. I was about to book this when my wife checked out The British Hernia Centre, their procedure seemed much less intrusive and the recovery times much better.

    Today is the sixth day since I had my operation completed by The British Hernia Centre at the Lindo wing. The whole experience has been amazing and far better than I expected.

    My consultation was one evening last week, my specialist’s confident and pleasant manner filled me with confidence for my operation the following morning.

    On the morning of my operation I was introduced to my anaesthetist, he explained everything to me and made me feel completely at ease.

    The operation (under LOCAL anaesthetic, not General) took around half an hour, I was awake but could not feel any pain, once completed I spent a short time in Recovery where I was monitored before being taken back to my room for an excellent well deserved meal.

    A couple of hours later my wife and I were walking back to my hotel and that evening we had a walk out and enjoyed a nice meal in a local restaurant.

    The following day we returned to Manchester by train, the recovery has been both remarkable and uneventful, I have had no pain from Day 1, the only thing I have felt is the slight discomfort you would expect from the dressing. I have not mentioned the Admin and the rest of the nursing staff at the centre, they were all very helpful and totally professional.

    I would like to thank the whole team for their help, i’m just so pleased my wife found The British Hernia Centre.

  20. AvatarRachel W said:

    Absolutely brilliant experience from start to finish – even down to the music choice (i.e. mine!) and humour, which put me at my ease:).

    Thanks to everyone: the nurses, including the one who did the regular checks (sorry I can’t remember a name but you were lovely to me), the anaesthetist and the surgeon. It was only a small routine op but that didn’t make any difference: I came away feeling thoroughly cared for.

    Complete success. Happy New Year to everyone and thank you again. If there is such a thing as karma, and I rather think there is, good things will happen for you in 2019.

    • AvatarThe British Hernia Centre said:

      One of the great joys in our work is that we have such wonderful patients. So many of you make such lovely comments it really makes us immensely happy. We wish ALL of you a Happy New Year for 2019 – our 30th birthday year!

  21. AvatarDC said:

    Had a Nissen Fundoplication for a Hiatus Hernia just over two weeks ago at the British Hernia Centre. The outcome has been outstanding, absolutely zero acid reflux, zero complications and I was able to return to a physical job just 10 days after the operation, I even had no need for painkillers or any other medication 48 hours after the op.

    The staff were fantastic and the whole thing which I was very anxious about went brilliantly.

    For the first time in 7 years, since the operation I have had no need for Omeprazole and even after 10 days I can swallow just about all foods as long as I chew thoroughly. I have had very little Colic, am able to belch which they say after such operations is rare and have had absolutely no acid reflux which I had so severely, it led to Barretts Oesophagus by age 27.

    If the long term outcome is as good as it has been so far, these guys will have literally changed my lives. The money I spent to have this privately done was worth every penny and I cannot thank these guys enough. If you are still undecided then at the very least go speak to these guys.

  22. Avatarmoona said:

    The whole procedure lasted about 1½ hrs including recovery etc but at no point did I feel discomfort or lacking in confidence because I was surrounded by genuine caring nurses/staff.

    I had the opposite side hernia repaired some 10 yrs ago at The British Hernia Centre. Touch wood I have never had a problem with this previous repair hence my reasons for selecting The British Hernia Centre to undertake the current repair.

    I am 68 yrs old and have already returned to bowling some 7 days after the repair and intend to start gym next week.

  23. AvatarIS said:

    6 months post-op reminded me to again express my gratitude to all concerned at the British Hernia Centre, particularly my surgeon who did an absolutely brilliant job.

    The only issues I have concern the failed repair carried out in the [a major English NHS teaching hospital] in November last year. Their having operated on me twice in one night and failing to repair the hernia I have now been told the surgeon who carried out the operation “no long works for the trust” so I cannot follow up what happened. This is the only painful area.

    Please, please pass on my heartfelt thanks to all at the British Hernia Centre for allowing me to return to normal life so quickly!

    I always recommend friends and family and work colleagues to the British Hernia Centre whenever hernias are mentioned.

  24. AvatarCP said:

    If I had known you existed and how easy it would have been to recover and resume normal life I would have had the operation last September when I found out I had an incarcerated hiatus hernia! I am ecstatic about how the procedure turned out for me and the care I received.

  25. AvatarGF said:

    Just a note to say how very nice it was to meet you this week, being your first patient the day before yesterday for my DOUBLE hernia op.

    I want to thank you for your empathy, sense of humour and professionalism in looking after me, which has been greatly appreciated. I could not have asked for anybody better, and am most grateful to you.

    Even though I am nearly 79 years of age and should know better, I was very frightened and extremely nervous, but you were quite correct, I did not feel a thing and even better, was very happy for the rest of the day.

    Yesterday (the next morning) I felt a little pain which was expected, but today I am moving around and have even been on my two wheel micro scooter to Sainsbury’s! and I will soon be back at the Club playing my knock-up tennis, gym and swimming twice a week.

    Thank you again, I will always remember you, you are a great team.

    With kind regards

  26. AvatarSH said:

    My heartfelt thanks to the excellent staff. In particular, my surgeon, my anaesthetist and the nurse with the soft Irish accent (I am sorry I don’t know her name at all) were all utterly superb.

    So far I have no immediate plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, but it feels entirely plausible to me that I will be able to take up hiking again in Cornwall quite soon!

    • AvatarThe British Hernia Centre said:

      No plans to climb Kilamanjaro? Why not? As you see from our front page ‘slideshow’, after this hernia repair nothing needs stop you! Enjoy life to the full!

  27. AvatarJC said:

    I had my repair in September and felt great from the moment I left the operating table.

    I am so glad I had it done at The British Hernia Centre.

    I was back on my bike within a few days and back in work within a week. Everything was back to normal, so quickly. I would recommend The British Hernia Centre to everyone.

  28. AvatarAR said:

    I am kicking myself for dithering so long before going to The British Hernia Centre!

    • AvatarBritish Hernia Centre said:

      If you end up needing an orthopaedic surgeon, its not our field of specialisation so stop the kicking.

  29. AvatarLR said:

    I am very thankful to you for accommodating my procedure during a very busy time for you. My experience was outstanding; my first contact with your centre was very professional and helpful. The people at the hospital were very kind and the surgeon was very knowledgeable and explained things to me in an easy way.

    After six weeks I went for a hike with my family and friends to the ‘Portuguese Bridge’ near Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Now, after six months I actually have totally forgotten I had a surgical procedure and again I went for a hard-core hike, including a walk to the 2nd highest point in Ethiopia, in the ‘Bale Mountains National Park’.

  30. AvatarFJ said:

    I was getting desperate due to complete local neglect by NHS AND private hospitals plus my local GP practice, resulting in heart problems.

    The Hernia by now was very severe when I found your wonderful specialist unit’s procedure was unlikely to do more damage to my Heart.

    Everyone was so helpful, cheerful and kind from the ladies in Admin to the surgeon and the others in theatre, along with such good surroundings and pleasant banter which I appreciated.

    The total service – including food – was of unexpected quality. I keep telling everyone how good you were and that during the operation I enjoyed the experience.

    I slept for only three hours that night – not due to pain or soreness, but sheer disbelief and elation. I did not have any bruising or bleeding. It was one of the best and most memorable, good things that I have ever experienced from the medical profession.

    Thanks to all concerned. Since the operation so many acquaintances seeing me again for the first time have started with “You’re looking very well!”. It has lifted a lot of worries from my shoulders.

  31. AvatarRM said:

    I am very pleased with my umbilical hernia repair at The British Hernia Centre and wish to convey my grateful thanks to my surgeon and the entire team for the care and expert treatment I received.

    It is early days, but I am already without pain and my only concern is to take it easy as I already feel as if I can return to sports activities again. I would advise anyone considering hernia treatment to bite the bullet without any hesitation.

  32. AvatarDC said:

    HIATUS Hernia

    I had a Hiatus Hernia repair just over two weeks ago under the care of The British Hernia Centre. The outcome has been outstanding, absolutely zero acid reflux, zero complications and I was able to return to a physical job just 10 days after the operation, I even had no need for painkillers or any other medication 48 hours after the op. The staff were fantastic and the whole thing which I was very anxious about went brilliantly.

    For the first time in 7 years since the operation I have had no need for Ompeprazole, have had very little Colic, am able to belch (which they say after such operations is rare) and have had absolutely NO acid reflux which I had so severely led to Barretts Oesophagus by age 27.

    If the long-term outcome is as good as it has been so far, these guys will have literally changed my life. The money I spent to have this privately done was worth every penny and I cannot thank these guys enough. If you are still undecided then at the very least go speak to these guys.

  33. AvatarGB said:

    I am DELIGHTED with the way everything has worked out. On the day of the operation every member of staff was simply wonderful, you have a great team.

    I felt relaxed and very confident in the hands of the surgeon and I believe he carried out an excellent hernia repair. Within a week I was gently returning to normal activities and everything was as it had been described to me both verbally by the staff and also in the literature that was given to me on my discharge.

  34. AvatarJP said:

    The whole experience of having my hernia repair was first rate, from start to finish. I have nothing but praise for everyone involved in the administration and medical procedures. My recovery following initial inconvenience common with any operation was quite swift and trouble free. I would have no hesitation in recommending treatment at the British Hernia Centre.

  35. AvatarJK said:

    You provided exactly what I expected from your website. The whole process was extremely efficient, pain free and conducted in a very friendly atmosphere. Normality returned in about 5 days.

    Since the op I have resumed gardening, DIY, and driven 2,424 miles on a 3 week tour of Ireland!

    I am a really happy ‘customer’ who would recommend you to anyone I meet in similar circumstances to mine. Praise be that I don’t get another hernia, but if I do I will be in touch for further treatment and help.

    Thanks for everything.

  36. AvatarRP said:

    I had a massive hiatus hernia with both my stomach and spleen herniated into my chest. I had trouble eating and breathing properly. In Leicester, where I live, the surgeon was going to open a 10 inch scar I had from another type of rare hernia. I didn’t want this so I got in touch with the British Hernia Centre.

    Three weeks ago I had my operation, which was done laparoscopically (keyhole)! The surgeon I had was just brilliant! I’d like to thank him and all the staff on level 2 for looking after me so well. I’m actually enjoying eating again and my breathing is wonderful, I’d forgotten what is was like to do these two things normally. So thank you all so much for giving me back a normal life.

    • AvatarBritish Hernia Centre said:

      It is hard for people to understand how much pleasure WE get from words like yours. Achieving these results is why we get out of bed in the morning!

    • AvatarHazel Parsons said:

      I just wish I had the funds. I have a massive hiatus hernia where most of my stomach is in my chest. Breathing is uncomfortably painful after eating and I cannot walk any distance but I’ve still got to wait another 7 weeks before my operation and that’s on NHS

  37. AvatarLW said:

    It is now 3 weeks since my operation and all is going to plan (exactly as you said it would), with no complications or problems whatsoever.

    I have been trekking in the hills each day for the last week and have started running again after a gentle build up without any problems or restrictions.

    Once again many thanks for your care and attention and please extend my best wishes to your team.

    I now look forward to some good mountains in the near future. You made this possible.

  38. AvatarH N said:

    Never in history has a surgeon done a 100% operation ie. complete perfection in both the operation and recovery. Thanks to the Almighty, I am that man.

    As soon as the operation was completed, I had no pain whatsoever, I had complete movement immediately after the operation, could tie my shoelaces, bend down without any pain, etc. i even danced in my room.

    I cannot thank you enough. The surgeon was SUPERB together with the other members of the team. The nurses were suberb. basically, I am your best advert to the public/outside world. It was awesome. In fact, it was as if I never had an operation!!!! Everyone in my community couldn’t believe my miraculous recovery, etc.

    Keep up the great work. The best deserves the best, I am more than prepared to spread the word worldwide. Don’t blame me when you will expand so greatly, you won’t be able to cope!!! I owe it to you.

    • AvatarThe British Hernia Centre said:

      We suppose this could be described as a ‘satisfied customer’.

  39. AvatarA M said:

    I had surgery about 6 months ago to repair an Inguinal Hernia which had become very large over some 2 1/2 years following diagnosis by my G P. My local hospital said that I needed surgery, but I was simply left on the waiting list. It was seriously affecting my life, limiting what I could do, and I was in considerable discomfort.

    I decided that I would have the procedure done privately by the British Hernia Centre, and consider it the best decision I have ever taken.

    Weeks after the surgery I was able to do a cross country walk of around 15 miles without any problem. I am 67 years old, and I suspect this is the reason that my local hospital did not treat my case with any degree of urgency.

    I have nothing but praise for the surgeon and nurses at the British Hernia Centre who treated me. Thank you all.

  40. AvatarK E said:

    At the age of 86, I discovered a hernia on the left side of my abdomen, probably caused by overdoing deadlifts at the gym. It was the first health problem I had encountered for over 20 years. In some despair I typed “hernia” on my computer and found The British Hernia Centre. It was, for me, an answer to prayer.

    I telephoned the Centre on Friday, there was a cancellation the following morning and by Saturday evening I was home again with the procedure completed.

    I have nothing but praise for the skill of my surgeon and anaesthetist and for the care of the nursing staff.

    • AvatarThe British Hernia Centre said:

      If you carry on doing deadlifts at the gym for another 30 years you will live to a fine old age! The hernia repair will certainly not stop you.

  41. AvatarMR said:

    Thank you for your kind care and attention and for giving me back my body!

    I will highly, HIGHLY recommend you and all the staff at The British Hernia Centre.

  42. AvatarBW said:

    I would like to express my gratitude to you all, especially the surgeon and the team, for your superb service.

    Every aspect of my experience was a pleasure, from ward care to surgery, post operation and recovery.

    It was a joy to know I was being taken care of by such a professional and good humoured team.
    I will not hesitate in recommending The British Hernia Centre.

  43. AvatarMF said:

    Thank you so much for a fantastic piece of surgery. Thank you to all the team.

    Three months on and everything has settled.

    • • No swelling,
    • • No pain,
    • • No infection,
    • • No irritation,
    • • No abnormalities and
    • • Full sensitivity returned beneath the scar.

    Surgical perfection.

    What a wonderful job! I thank you for your great understanding, care and expertise.

    All I can say is well done to you and everyone at the The British Hernia Centre.

    With best wishes to you all.

  44. AvatarSD said:

    Thanks for the great work , I’m very active , living life to the fullest.

    The “wait and see” policy is absurd, why wait in pain, and have it get worse? I’m VERY pleased with my decision to travel from Aruba to the UK , and had you all perform my operation, please thank everyone for me.

    I know you are the best and are innovative and are interested in patient feedback.

  45. AvatarRobert H said:

    It’s now been 6 months since my operation, I’m male and in my early 30s. Like many people browsing this site you’ll be wondering if it’s better to leave it and do nothing. I just wanted to reassure you that having it done is the best decision. No more worrying about it getting worse.

    I had a great experience from the pre-op consultations through to the quality of the hospital on the day and the after care, they have time for your concerns and put me at ease. I was home the next day, back at work within 2 weeks (could have gone sooner). I am now back to intensive cycling every weekend with only a small scar to show for the operation. I would recommend you contact them.

  46. AvatarRandy B (From the USA) said:

    This past summer while working on my farm, a bulge appeared in my abdomen. I immediately went to my doctor and found that I had bilateral inguinal hernias (a ‘double hernia’). I was then scheduled for surgery here in North Carolina. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance but my cost after co-insurance and deductible was still going to be almost $5,000. This laparoscopic procedure was also going to keep me from any lifting and exercise for several weeks. I started researching if there was any better procedure and also a less expensive alternative.

    To my luck, I found the British Hernia Center. They had a different procedure that was done under local anesthesia and had very little down time. Their cost was only £3,500 or around $5,300 total [both hernias]. They also take Blue Cross Insurance. After verifying everything with my insurance, I was on my way to London in less than two weeks. I used air miles so the flight cost was less than $100 round trip.

    We booked a bed and breakfast near the hospital. I was tested for MRSA the next morning. We went back to the hospital that afternoon and had the procedure. Four hours later (including cab ride) we were back at our bed and breakfast. The hospital was immaculate and the staff very kind and professional. The next afternoon, I spent six hours touring London with my wife. The following morning we took a bus to Southampton and went on a ten night Baltic Cruise. Two days into the cruise we rented bicycles in Copenhagen and spent the day touring. I could also handle my luggage on the way to the ship.

    All and all, we flew to London had the surgery, toured London, went on a 10 night Cruise and still saved a few thousand dollars.

    I would highly recommend anyone with a hernia to go to The British Hernia Center for the best hernia repair possible. I am eight months out now and have experienced no complications and only minor soreness for the first few days after the initial procedure.

  47. AvatarIan L said:

    I incurred a Hernia as a sporting injury. Whilst working very long hours in the City (for an extremely high profile fund manager) I found that surgery could wait no longer. I needed to ensure that I was fit and back to work as quickly as possible.

    I did thorough research, and I did not hesitate to book myself in for hernia surgery with The British Hernia Centre. The confidence and care that I received from my surgeon and the staff at the hospital has been brilliant. The repair performed has been faultless for many years. You could not wish for better.

  48. AvatarSam said:

    In 2002, I traveled from New York to have my inguinal hernia repaired at the BHC.

    I had wonderful care, a rapid recovery, and have had a trouble-free repair for more than 12 years. I also got to do some sightseeing just 24 hours after surgery.

    Going to the BHC was one of the best choices I have ever made. Thanks!!!

  49. AvatarBarry L said:

    I am very happy with the treatment and the recovery period which was much quicker than the keyhole surgery I had on the NHS 5 months ago.

    I am very happy and could not fault the treatment before, during or afterwards.

    Apart from numbness and a bit of discomfort which is getting better by the day, I am back to cycling and running.

    I could not be happier.

  50. AvatarJohn P said:

    I have no hesitation in recommending anyone with a hernia to consult The British Hernia Centre.

    For me the operation has given me my life back again.

    I am 78 but I still wanted to lead an active life. The hernia put paid to most of the things I wished to do. After some research and reading various forums where people have related some frightening post operation experiences I decided that a Specialist Hernia Centre was the prudent choice for my operation.

    I had the operation 30 days ago and my life is well on track to being back to normal. I was able to drive after 4 days and (with caution) able to do most things after 10 days. The pain early days was minimal – I took ibuprofen for the first 2 days mainly to reduce possible inflammation. I am confident that in another 2 months I will be fully recovered well in time for the ski season!

    My grateful thanks to my surgeon and The British Hernia Centre.

  51. AvatarJohn B said:

    I would just like to thank my surgeon and the wonderful staff for the care and attention received at the British Hernia Centre.

    The whole operation lasted about 1.5 hrs including recovery etc but at no point did I feel discomfort or lacking in confidence because I was surrounded by genuine caring nurses/staff.

    I had the opposite side hernia repaired some 10 yrs ago at the British Hernia Centre. Touch wood I have never had a problem with this previous repair hence my reasons for selecting the British Hernia Centre to undertake the current repair.

    I am 68 yrs old and have already returned to bowling some 7 days after the repair and intend to start gym next week – 1 month after the procedure.

  52. AvatarMichael L said:

    It all went very well and the stay overnight with a good dinner and a good breakfast a big help.

    The medical and nursing staff were kind and very caring.

    I was back to my normal routine in 5 days. I feel I was in very good hands.

    • AvatarThe British Hernia Centre said:

      We endeavour to give the best hernia repairs in the world known to surgical science but it seems the good breakfast is what is remembered! Oh well, as long as the patient is happy, we are.

  53. AvatarHarvey G said:

    I would highly recommend The British Hernia Centre to anyone looking for a specialist in hernia repair. I chose to pay privately and use the BHC for my repair giving me the best possible chance of returning to sports and with the quickest recovery time, I have certainly not been disappointed.

    The surgeon who carried out the operation was brilliant. He explained exactly what I could expect from the operation and answered any questions I had, leaving me very confident that I would return to full fitness.

    All of the staff were very friendly and made my short stay very comfortable. Couldn’t recommend this place highly enough.
    Thank you.

  54. AvatarDavid C said:

    HUGE thanks to my wonderful surgeon and all his fantastic staff at the British Hernia Centre. Had day surgery for inguinal hernia. 5* treatment all the way. I went home the same evening completely pain free. The next day my surgeon rang me personally to check how I was…. amazing kindness and dedication. Spent the day in the garden doing light jobs. Today got up a little sore, but able to walk normally with no need for pain killers… 100% happy and hoping to be back on the golf course and road bike in the next few days. Greatest regards and many thanks to my surgeon and his team at the British Hernia Centre. From David C (age 67)

  55. AvatarFerdinand G said:

    The experience was world class. Exceptionally professional. Great hospital, nursing staff and surgeon. I was back at work the day after my operation and back in the gym/ playing golf two weeks after the procedure. I never really experienced any pain. Now one month on, the operation site has healed perfectly.

  56. AvatarMarian P said:

    I am delighted with the results. Very happy with regards to my surgeon, the hospital and the staff. I felt like royalty.

  57. AvatarJosh S said:

    I was driving and returned to work in under a week.

    I have been very happy with The British Hernia Centre, the service I received was top class and I would be delighted to recommend them to anyone who requires any assistance with their hernia.

  58. AvatarDerek Sene said:

    Wonderful experience, I was really frightened about the whole ordeal as I had a large hernia. It turned out to be a nice experience. I was out and walking in less than 24hours. Just a bit of pain getting up from bed for the first two days, but with a little help it was ok. After a week you could see it was a speedy recovery with the dressing removed and a healing wound. Will recommend to anyone that this is the place to go.

  59. AvatarGordon W said:

    I’m extremely happy about how the procedure went

    After two days I was fully able to walk anywhere without any of the original pain at all, and after three days I resumed my work as a joiner- although gently, for the first week. After the first week I was able to work almost completely normally, and now – two weeks on – I’m working as I was before the procedure (but without the discomfort).

    My first repair by yourselves five years ago (on the other side) never gives problems.

    Overall, extremely happy with the whole experience. I was kept informed at all times, and the staff and facilities were excellent.
    Thank you!

    • AvatarThe British Hernia Centre said:

      The procedures we perform are suited equally to patients, be they in heavy manual occupations, sportsmen or women, retired or desk-bound. In all cases, a return to normal without pain or fear of recurrence is the expected outcome.

  60. AvatarMartin T said:

    Having had the same procedure (elsewhere) on my right side 3 or 4 years ago I am able to compare. This time my recovery was much quicker and less painful than the last. I do not like taking painkillers in any shape or form so I stopped taking them after 2 days. Whilst I experienced soreness and a little pain it was nothing that I couldn’t handle.

    I have to say that every member of the team I met at the BHC was superb – knowledgeable, caring and good fun (!). Many, many thanks for your attention and care – much appreciated.

  61. AvatarJohn W said:

    The procedure undertaken at The British Hernia Centre was a complete success.

    Both my surgeon and the nursing staff were highly professional and set me at ease before, during and after my operation.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending The British Hernia Centre to anyone requiring a similar operation.

  62. AvatarJohn L said:

    Two weeks on, I have resumed all my normal activities and the only reason I am not playing golf is because the course is waterlogged!!

    The whole procedure was excellent. The medical and hospital staff were all efficient, caring and professional resulting in an anxiety-free time in the British Hernia Centre.

  63. AvatarAlan D said:

    I was put at ease on my first meeting with the surgeon at my consultation. I was given the opportunity to ask questions about my hernia. The surgeon answered all my questions and explained the hernia repair process. This gave me great confidence.

    On the day of the operation I was made comfortable in a private room where my partner was able to wait with me. All staff were excellent and I was well cared for both before and after the operation. I was particularly pleased that I was able to have the operation under local anaesthesia rather than general anaesthesia. This gave me great confidence. The operation was straightforward and I was well cared for throughout.

    On removing the dressing I was both surprised and delighted to find no sign of bruising. I was glad to meet my surgeon again at my Follow-up appointment to show him what a good job he had done and thank him again.

    I was also impressed and thankful to receive phone calls from the surgeon himself the day after the operation and from the admin staff the following week.

    Result: Excellent!

  64. AvatarMichael T said:

    I am pleased to have undergone the procedure as the hernia was slowing my activity level. The fact that the hernia would never heal of its own accord was unacceptable for me. The procedure was for me a necessary step to resuming both my normal mental and physical quality of life.

  65. AvatarBrian A said:

    I was completely satisfied with the whole procedure and the arrangements leading up to it. I am delighted with the outcome and my ability to continue caring for my disabled wife without the inconvenience of pain. I am leading a normal life.

    Once again I would like to say how well I was treated and cared for by every member of your team during my visit to your Centre

  66. AvatarPeter A said:

    I am absolutely delighted with every aspect of the care. Immediately after the proceedure I walked without discomfort.

    After two weeks I feel ready for anything!

  67. AvatarGregory L said:

    I am very happy. Went skiing 10 days after the op (still doing so) with no ill-effect.

    The surgeon was excellent, ~ nurses too, let me out quickly.

    No painkillers needed. Seems to be healing nicely.

  68. AvatarAlan D said:

    I was immediately put at ease on meeting with the surgeon at my initial consultation, where I was free to ask questions about my hernia and the operation.

    My questions were answered frankly and the hernia repair operation clearly outlined.

    I was particularly pleased that I was able to have the operation under local, rather than general anaesthesia. This gave me great confidence.

    The operation was performed by an excellent surgeon and team. I felt no pain and I was well cared for throughout. I was both surprised and delighted to find no sign of bruising. I was glad to meet my surgeon again at my follow-up appointment to show him what a good job he had done and thank him again.

    I was also impressed and thankful to receive phone calls from the surgeon himself, the day after the operation and from the British Hernia Centre again the following week.

    The British Hernia Centre is excellent, they have my highest recommendation.

  69. AvatarMark R said:

    I am am very pleased with the procedure. The recovery time has been significantly shorter than my past experience of the same procedure (elsewhere) – less swelling, less inflammation and less discomfort.

    The consultant and staff were most excellent.

  70. AvatarT Buckley said:

    My Hernia Operation was on Thursday PM. ~ I was back at work on Monday!

    2 Days after the op I was back to DRIVING
    after 10 Days I was back to YACHT RACING
    after 14 Days I was back MOUNTAIN BIKING

    I was AMAZED how easy the operation was. That evening my wife and I WALKED ½ mile to a local restaurant and enjoyed a lovely paella!

    Amazing – as I never thought, hours after an operation I would have been able to achieve this. THANK YOU!

  71. AvatarK Wild said:

    The whole thing, starting with the initial consultation, was handled in a way that gave me total confidence and put me at ease. There was a nice relaxed air, with a very sensible level of humour that left me feeling that I was in good and very experienced hands. I felt that nothing was being understated and that I was being told it totally “as it was”, but that there was nothing of which to be afraid. You were all very open to, and actively encouraged questions, giving honest but reassuring answers. As regards the operation itself, it passed off very smoothly and left me with very little pain both on the day or subsequently.

    The whole experience was handled as well as it could have been. Thank you.

  72. AvatarB Yaneh said:

    I flew thousands of miles for this procedure to be done at The British Hernia Centre.

    I took NO painkillers!

    I was back to my normal activities right away!

    EXCELLENT service and EXCELLENT surgery.
    I highly recommend the British Hernia Centre

  73. AvatarH Kilpatrick said:

    I found recovery MUCH better than I thought. I dropped the painkillers after 24 hours and was back at work the NEXT MORNING

  74. AvatarH Mistry said:

    Excellent care throughout!

  75. AvatarT Smyth said:

    Many thanks for a BRILLIANT service!

    I was a little apprehensive about having surgery but the whole process was handled very professionally and I’m SO glad I had the operation at The British Hernia Centre and soon recovered back to normal!

  76. AvatarT Smyth said:

    The Procedure, from initial consultation to the surgery went very well and was very professional. The day of my operation was less frightening than I could have hoped for!

    From admission by competent staff, to the consultant, to the aftercare was all excellent.

    My room was warm and comfortable, the staff pleasant, kind and respectful and competent.

    The follow-up call from the consultant a few days later was very much appreciated.

    My recovery went well and I will have no hesitation – if the need ever arises – to attend the British Hernia Centre

  77. AvatarJ Mee said:

    Many thanks for the skill of your surgeons and to all the professional hospital team – including the administrative staff who organised everything,

    NO PAINKILLERS REQUIRED and back to normal in no time.

    The British Hernia Centre indeed excels in innovative techniques for hernia repair.

  78. AvatarJ Street said:

    18 years ago I had my first hernia repair done by The British Hernia Centre and was extremely pleased with the result. I said at the time that I hoped never to have another hernia, but if I did, I would know exactly where to come. Well, 18 years later I did have another hernia on the other side and I didn’t hesitate in calling the BHC.

    I naturally based my expectations this time on my previous experience but I have to say that this time, not only was the recovery even quicker but there was even less soreness afterwards than last time. I did not even need any painkillers.

    Two days after the procedure it was our wedding anniversary and, not only did I feel well enough to go out for a meal, I drove us to the restaurant. On removing the dressing, the scar was barely noticeable – and no stitches to come out!!!

    Over the years I have recommended The British Hernia Centre to several people unfortunate enough to suffer hernias and I will certainly continue to do so.

    Thank you SO much for your expertise – AGAIN!

  79. AvatarJ Lamb said:

    VERY satisfied with the service. My visit was well coordinated and I was well enough to take the tube and train home after the procedure. This was my second operation and this one had NO impact on my daily activities.

    I was back at work IMMEDIATELY
    and resumed my normal activities IMMEDIATELY and was driving in two days

    Excellent and I would always recommend the British Hernia Centre

  80. AvatarBrian Klug said:

    My thanks to the British Hernia Centre for a friendly, supportive and professional approach from start to finish. I was impressed by the speed with which my initial enquiry was answered and an appointment made – and then I was impressed at every subsequent step.

    My surgeon was personable and reassuring. All the support staff at the Centre and the hospital were helpful. The information provided was clear and reliable. The procedure itself was practically a pleasure! Certainly, there was no pain. I felt relaxed throughout and ready for tea and biscuits immediately post-op. Recovery has been remarkably quick and largely painless.

    I recommend the BHC without reservation to anyone who has to undergo hernia repair.

  81. AvatarJohn Killip said:

    Being regarded as a ‘Wimp’ by my Good Lady when it comes to pain, I was overjoyed that I did not need ANY painkillers following the operation, which was carried out in an efficient and friendly manner.

    I felt at ease as soon as I met my surgeon.

    Impressed with the hospital and all the staff that we came into contact with.

    I will certainly be recommending The British Hernia Centre to any hernia sufferers. Many thanks.

  82. AvatarJeremy Silver said:

    I was a little apprehensive, but my surgeon put me completely at ease. The local anaesthetic was superb. My recovery after the surgery was very good, I was driving on the Motorway 5 days after the operation.

    The hospital staff were delightful.

    I am SO glad I had this hernia fixed and to be able to feel my body intact again.

  83. AvatarLauretta Rose said:

    I could not be more pleased.

    Everything was as predicted

  84. If you suffer from hernia I would urge you to visit The British Hernia Centre.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff and my excellent surgeon at The British Hernia Centre for carrying out my hernia operation just over a month ago. The staff were friendly, attentive and reassuring. I have never felt comfortable in hospitals but I have to say this experience has made me understand that if you are working with experts in the field then the results are quite simply amazing.

    I felt no pain prior, during or after my day surgery operation. I was able to walk with ease to the car following surgery. I was prescribed painkillers but found that these weren’t necessary after a couple of days. I also highly recommend the Club Sandwich post operation.

    1 month on and I’m back in the gym running several times a week between 6 and 8kms. I have felt no discomfort after the operation and the wound is healing very well. I have decided not to go back for a follow-up checkup with the surgeon as everything has gone so well.

    If I ever require a hernia operation again I will most definitely be booking myself into The British Hernia Centre. If you want Hernia specialists this is the best place for your surgery. I would urge you not to use the NHS as you are most likely to be operated on by a general surgeon with less experience in this area. There is also the likelihood they will not use the The British Hernia Centre’s methods. The BHC’s method means that recovery is a lot faster and you can get back to your daily life quickly.

  85. AvatarGeorge Richardson said:

    All the staff at The British Hernia Centre were extremely kind and professional at all times. Very impressive!

    I have now had TWO (separate) hernia operations at The British Hernia Centre and both have been trouble-free and very successful. My surgeon was always considerate and efficient at every stage of the procedure. My thanks and regards to him.

    I would not hesitate to recommend The British Hernia Centre to anyone (and indeed, have done so!).

  86. AvatarLeslie Hopkins said:

    This is what happened to me after my hernia operation at The British Hernia Centre:

    I took NO painkillers at all
    There was NO pain anywhere around the operation site afterwards
    I had NO numbness
    I was driving two days later and resumed my normal activities IMMEDIATELY. There is nothing I have not gone right back to.

  87. I highly recommend the British Hernia Centre for, in my experience, the highest quality of service possible.

    As a chronic sufferer of ‘white coat’ anxiety, the surgeon and his colleagues provided me, in addition to the surgery, an expert psychological remedy, which calmed my mind and senses prior to the theatre experience (which I was led to with a big smile on my face, thanks to their calming influence).

    The surgery seemed quick and (have to say) pleasant. The sheer professionalism of the team was, to me, breathtaking. This did not come as a surprise though, since having had the consultation with my surgeon, who reassuringly demonstrated through a thorough explanation of the repair procedure, that I was indeed at the right place.

    I received wonderful after-care from the staff. From the time of the surgery I have taken only two small pain killers and a fair bit of walking, which was encouraged by the team.

    It has now been nearly two weeks since the op and I feel great! There is a bit of soreness once in a while, but it diminishes day by day.

    I’m so glad that I didn’t go the NHS route and am convinced that it pays dividends a thousand fold to employ the experts in the field. The British Hernia Centre are the experts, and to reiterate, I highly recommend them !

    David Punshon

  88. AvatarJohn Sang said:

    After 18 Years living with my hernia, 24 hours at The British Hernia Centre and all my fears were gone.

    From the first contact with my surgeon to the telephone calls I received to follow up after I left everything was 100% professional; no pain, back to work, driving.

    I would like thank all of you for your care and skills and would highly recommend the British Hernia Centre.

    • AvatarThe British Hernia Centre said:

      The BHC Replies: The reason a patient may require an overnight stay is commonly because of having neglected the hernia for a prolonged period. The best thing is to get hernias fixed as soon as they are diagnosed. The longer they are left the worse things get. Happily, we are able to help almost every single case however complex and we are as ever, delighted at your outcome.

  89. AvatarSabine Steffen said:

    I am now back in the Bahamas after a successful op at the British Hernia Centre at St John & St Elizabeth.

    I would like to say a big THANK YOU for the excellent service I received, both prior to leaving the Bahamas for London and then at the Centre.

    I originally found the British Hernia Centre on this website. I found the information posted on the site to be comprehensive and very informative, enough to give me the confidence to contact you.

    All staff with whom I came into contact were courteous, friendly and had answers to all my questions.

    Having made the decision to have my hernia repaired by the BHC, I was sent information which answered all my questions. I found it particularly thoughtful that you not only gave information directly linked to my short stay at the hospital but also lateral information with regard to nearby hotels and more.

    Everyone with whom I came into contact, from Danny of the Car Service who drove me to and from the hospital, to the staff in the Centre, the anesthesiologist and the operating room nurse, are to be commended on their friendly and easy manner and their excellent bedside manner.

    The surgeon treating me is a gentleman and a gem. He completely put me at my ease – and obviously did a marvelous job, as after the operation I felt just fine with only a small amount of discomfort rather than any pain so that I did not have to take a single pain killer, not even the first night after the operation.

    This was my first ever time in a hospital and my experience with doctors has also been extremely limited – at age 61 I am very lucky to be able to say this. I have a rather demanding job and consider the short time I spent at the hospital as a wonderful enforced rest.

    This has been a very positive experience, and I would not hesitate to recommend the British Hernia Centre to anyone else who needs this kind of medical help.

    I returned to the Bahamas last week and I am fine. The day after the operation I resumed taking gentle daily walks and have now taken up daily exercise again.

    Please extend my thanks to everyone.

  90. AvatarDavid Watford said:

    At the age of 78 I had a hernia repair at a local private hospital which was carried out by a general surgeon. This left me in considerable pain for several days afterwards. Six months later the hernia recurred. During the following twelve months I tried natural healing methods but without success.

    By this time the hernia had worsened and something had to be done. My internet searches found The British Hernia Centre. I was particularly impressed by the video broadcasting to other surgeons of their hernia repair technique. In March 2013 I had the hernia repaired at the BHC and what a totally different experience this turned out to be. The Consultant was caring and charming and surrendered as much time as I needed. He even telephoned me the evening before surgery and twice afterwards. Immediately following surgery I was comfortable and pain free. Seven weeks on hernia discomfort now seems a distant memory and I wish I had been driven earlier to find a solution. Also, the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth sets standards that would be hard to beat.

    Had I not experienced the original unsatisfactory hernia repair I probably would not have fully appreciated the quality of the BHC’s whole approach.

    Accordingly, I would recommend The British Hernia Centre without reservation.

  91. AvatarM Potts said:

    I had my operation seven weeks ago, after hesitating over it for more than a year. My only regret is wasting all that time when I could have been back to normal so much sooner.

    Your team was fantastic – very reassuring, friendly and patient – and the whole process really was quick and easy.

    In short, I’m very glad that I had my hernia repaired at The British Hernia Centre by experts and specialists. Should I ever get another, I’ll be going back there, and I shan’t be wasting any time.

  92. AvatarDr F Eftekhari said:

    I have recommended your surgeons to many of my patients, but a few months ago you performed an inguinal hernia operation on myself.

    The surgeon and the surgical team were top professionals pre and post operation. I was up and walking the same day and fully recovered in a few weeks time. I couldn’t ask for more.
    Dr F Eftekhari MD FLCOM
    Retired Orthopaedic Surgeon

  93. AvatarStefan Klopper said:

    You repaired my inguinal hernia on 2/1/2013.

    Apart from slight tenderness for a couple of days, I experienced no pain, and used no painkillers at all. I was back at work after 3 days, and have just returned from an all-out skiing holiday in the French Alps one month after surgery with absolutely no problems at all.

    Thank you so much to all the staff at the BHC for your wonderful kindness and care. I couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience, or a more successful outcome.

  94. AvatarPaul Skitmore said:

    Had my surgery Monday lunchtime.
    Went out to eat on the way home.
    Out to restaurant with the boys next day – food and drink
    NO pain-killers – NO PAIN!

    Everything from start to finish went well. I came to the British Hernia Centre on a recommendation and seeing your website. I could not believe it could be so easy. Many thanks.

  95. AvatarMichel Khan said:

    Took painkillers the first day only. I was back at work 3 days after the op.

    My recovery was faster than my other hernia repair you did for me 19 years ago!

  96. AvatarMichael Pope said:

    I was very pleased and pleasantly surprised how well the surgery went. It was a DELIGHT to get back to normal activity so soon after the procedure.

  97. AvatarNEVILLE BAKER said:

    I am 68 years old. On 20 April 2012, I went for an umbilical hernia repair at The British Hernia Centre. When I arrived I was made so welcome by the staff. I then saw my surgeon, who explained everything to me, after which I got ready for my procedure. The nurse who gave me tests was first class. He explained everything as well. I then went to the operating room and again, the nurses in there were so nice. I had a local anaesthetic and my repair was done. After the surgery, I walked to an adjacent recovery room where I had two cups of tea and sandwiches, served to me by a lovely lady.

    I then saw the nurse and surgeon again, they checked me out and gave me the all-clear to leave and my wife drove me to a local hotel where we stayed overnight, as we live 140 miles away in Suffolk. We drove back to Suffolk, I had two weeks off my work in traffic management.

    I was able to drive again in 6 days (when I was sure I had no pain using the pedals). The nurse also rang me to see if I was okay after a week. I thought that was a lovely touch, by very caring people.

    The centre also wrote to me, my surgeon was on call 24/7 if I wanted to speak to him. Where else would you get that service?

    I paid for the surgery. On the NHS I would have had to take 3 months off work for recovery, having used other methods that also would have required general anaesthesia.

    I hope I have given an insight of my dealings with The British Hernia Centre. First class treatment and care and after-care. I recommend them.

  98. AvatarJohn Durham said:

    My hernia was starting to bother me so I finally decided to do something about it. I was told that the wait on the NHS was ages and that the techniques used required general anaesthesia and were not being done by hernia specialists, just one of their general surgeons – whoever would be available on the day.

    I saw The British Hernia Centre’s web site after a friend recommended them and I called them. Even the girl who answered the phone gave me more information about hernias than my own GP ever had time for. They sounded terrific. I booked an appointment and the people there could not have been nicer.

    The surgeon who examined me in consultation was the same consultant who later did the operation and he was charming, extremely helpful and very friendly. I was completely at ease.

    My operation was all over in minutes, was painless and I walked out of theatre myself. They gave me a cup of tea and very soon, I felt absolutely fine, got up and left.

    I did not spend one minute in bed to recuperate – I was out for dinner that same evening! I took a few days off and was back at my office on Monday morning.

    I am only sorry I put it off for so long. The whole experience was nothing at all like I had expected, I can almost say I enjoyed it. I can see why The British Hernia Centre is Number One and I would recommend them to anybody.

  99. AvatarLew Strong said:

    Although after lots of “homework” I had decided to have my inguinal hernia repaired by The British Hernia Centre, I was, I must admit, a bit sceptical about some of their claims of quick recovery periods.

    However, I can honestly say that I have been astonished at my rapid recovery after my surgery. Within about 2 hours or so of my operation I was out shopping! YES REALLY!! I have had zero pain and only some very mild discomfort. My social life has not in any way been disrupted and I sit in my office typing this 76 hours after surgery and I will be able to do a full day’s work with ease. I’m about to email my surgeon at the Centre to get a little advice in order to ensure I don’t overdo it physically ……I feel so incredibly well.

    I came over from France, had my operation on Friday and then enjoyed the rest of the weekend in the UK shopping with my wife and eating out with friends!!

    I remain utterly amazed!

  100. AvatarHoward Gannaway said:

    Because I’ve never had one of these done before you don’t really know how different it is. I do know that I was extremely uncomfortable at the thought that my local NHS hospital wanted to give me a general anaesthetic for what I thought was a fairly small operation.

    Anyway, my wife researched alternatives and we ended up at The British Hernia Centre. The service was excellent, the operation was brief and about three hours afterwards in the evening we went out for a meal with our children and their friends. My wife and I are planning to move to London so next day we went tramping the streets looking at different areas where we might want to buy a home. When we got back, we checked on Google maps and found we had walked about 6 miles and, to be honest, I had quite forgotten about the operation. I had not taken any of the pain relief medication I had been given as I had not experienced any pain.

    After the weekend I went back to work.

    It has been three months now since the operation and I can honestly say that it has had no impact on my life at all. A few weeks after the operation, the clinic rang me up to ask how things were going and, for a moment, I couldn’t remember who they were!

    Congratulations to the whole team and I confidently hope I shall never see you again!

  101. AvatarChristopher Bell said:

    From my initial telephone contact to leaving The British Hernia Centre after the hernia repair took only 5 days – a major benefit to me.

    Everyone I met at the Centre was professional, polite and patient in explaining what was going to happen and what I could expect.

    My recovery time was just what was expected, including driving, cycling, going to the gym and gardening. After a couple of weeks, no nervousness about carrying weights or need for any precautions against any physical activity.

    My sister had a similar hernia repair last week elsewhere and she was told not to drive for at least two weeks or visit the gym for at least 4 weeks.

  102. AvatarSteven Harrison said:

    I was totally astonished by the sheer quickness of both the surgery and the recovery period.

    I have heard HORROR stories from others having surgery elsewhere. I am SO glad I used The British Hernia Centre rather than an NHS hospital.

    I would certainly recommend The British Hernia Centre. In fact I have told several people about your centre.

    A true ‘Five Star’ service! Many thanks.

  103. All I can say is WOW!

    After having a bilateral inguinal hernia repair in my home country of Portugal, the thought of having a recurrence filled me with horror, mainly as I was bed-ridden in Portugal for 3 days post-op.

    Unfortunately, the worst happened and the hernia recurred. I decided to contact The British Hernia Centre and I was thoroughly impressed from start to finish.

    The staff were professional and helpful and everything went perfectly to plan, all organized from 1000 miles away!

    The operation itself was of an incredible quality. I was up and walking around just 2 hours after the surgery! Now, 3 weeks on, and I am pain free!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! 100% Recommended to anybody.

    Scott (17 years old) – Portugal

  104. AvatarDavid Blockwell said:

    Three weeks ago I spent a relaxing morning at The British Hernia Centre. At times I felt as if I was at a health spa rather than a health clinic, such was the courtesy, care and consideration I received from everyone I came into contact with.

    I can’t tell you about the op because I dozed off during it, but I can say that the coffee and sandwiches afterwards were great. I asked for and got biscuits too but don’t tell them it was me who told you! Three days later I was driving and mowing the lawn – the rest as they say is history.

    Looking back, I wish I had done this sooner. I realise now that telling myself it wasn’t a problem meant I hadn’t done things I wanted to do because I knew it might cause a problem.

    The real bonus has been that my wife has stopped nagging me to get rid of the rowing machine and for that and everything else I thank all the staff at The British Hernia Centre.

  105. AvatarPeter Oates said:

    I must thank all the staff at The British Hernia Centre for the way I was looked after with what was described as a “large inguinal hernia”.

    I arrived at The Centre at 0830 and was back in my hotel room by 1145, having been properly examined, the entire procedure, some refreshments and being armed with post-operative instructions.

    I was able to fly home 48 hours after the operation, to drive the next day and I returned to work the next week.

    All the staff at The Centre were extremely friendly, courteous and very professional in the way they treated me and I cannot sing their praises loud enough! Their dedication to me was, without question, second to none.

  106. AvatarNick Brown said:

    I had surgery at The British Hernia Centre to repair an inguinal hernia. I am posting this in particular to make known the excellent work and care that the British Hernia Centre provides and to bash a few myths about hernias.

    I am 46, 5’11? and 12 stone and I cycle and kite-surf. I have cycled all my life and windsurfed and kite-surfed since i was 30. When it was diagnosed by the doc at A&E he told me after the operation I’d have to stop riding a bike! This turned out not to be true.

    PAIN – at no time during the operation or after it did I experience any pain at all.

    CARE AT THE BRITISH HERNIA CENTRE – the level of care from everyone there was exceptional. Very kind, helpful and thoughtful. A very impressive team indeed. My surgeon always had time to talk and explain. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble. This is very unusual!

    PAINKILLERS – I took painkillers as prescribed and stopped after four days because they were clearly not needed.

    RECOVERY – I took it easy on the day of the operation and the day after. By Day 3 it felt fine to drive and go to Sainsburys.

    WORK – I work at a desk and work was not affected.

    CYCLING – I was back on the bike a week after the operation riding with the kids to school.
    Riding off-road two weeks later.
    Riding full-tilt, downhill in the Alps five weeks after the operation!!

    I wondered how my hernia repair would handle any falls I might have. Riding hard is one thing. Coming off is another. I came off and tumbled twice on my shoulder and then my knee. both pretty hard and painful, but the hernia repair was unaffected!

  107. AvatarTony Camp said:

    Many thanks to all your team at The British Hernia Centre. This being my 2nd hernia operated on at the Centre, it was as totally effective and professionally repaired as the first and enabled me to return to work within the week.

    • I could not afford to wait NINE MONTHS for the NHS and
    • I wished to have my hernia repaired by experts

    I cannot sing your praises high enough, as the techniques you have perfected leave a huge hole in the NHS capabilities.

    Many thanks again

  108. AvatarRoger Saunders said:

    I was driving within 2 days and within two weeks played 18 holes of golf!

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