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Any patient who has had a hernia repaired at The British Hernia Centre is invited to post comments on his/her experience on this blog. It is intended to be a guide for others who are contemplating having their hernia repaired.

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92 thoughts on “Patients’ Reviews, Blog & Comments

  1. GF said:

    Just a note to say how very nice it was to meet you this week, being your first patient the day before yesterday for my DOUBLE hernia op.

    I want to thank you for your empathy, sense of humour and professionalism in looking after me, which has been greatly appreciated. I could not have asked for anybody better, and am most grateful to you.

    Even though I am nearly 79 years of age and should know better, I was very frightened and extremely nervous, but you were quite correct, I did not feel a thing and even better, was very happy for the rest of the day.

    Yesterday (the next morning) I felt a little pain which was expected, but today I am moving around and have even been on my two wheel micro scooter to Sainsbury’s! and I will soon be back at the Club playing my knock-up tennis, gym and swimming twice a week.

    Thank you again, I will always remember you, you are a great team.

    With kind regards

  2. SH said:

    My heartfelt thanks to the excellent staff. In particular, my surgeon, my anaesthetist and the nurse with the soft Irish accent (I am sorry I don’t know her name at all) were all utterly superb.

    So far I have no immediate plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, but it feels entirely plausible to me that I will be able to take up hiking again in Cornwall quite soon!

    • The British Hernia Centre said:

      No plans to climb Kilamanjaro? Why not? As you see from our front page ‘slideshow’, after this hernia repair nothing needs stop you! Enjoy life to the full!

  3. JC said:

    I had my repair in September and felt great from the moment I left the operating table.

    I am so glad I had it done at The British Hernia Centre.

    I was back on my bike within a few days and back in work within a week. Everything was back to normal, so quickly. I would recommend The British Hernia Centre to everyone.

  4. AR said:

    I am kicking myself for dithering so long before going to The British Hernia Centre!

    • British Hernia Centre said:

      If you end up needing an orthopaedic surgeon, its not our field of specialisation so stop the kicking.

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