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Any patient who has had a hernia repaired at The British Hernia Centre is invited to post comments on his/her experience on this blog. It is intended to be a guide for others who are contemplating having their hernia repaired.

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115 thoughts on “Patients’ Reviews, Blog & Comments

  1. AvatarMD said:

    Thrilled! My surgeon is an outstanding surgeon. I only had very mild discomfort for about 48 hours and absolutely no pain. I took an Ibuprofen before the taxi ride home, plus another dose the first night just in case, then abandoned painkillers as pointless. The incision has now virtually healed with just a small firm ridge.

    Before the operation my hernia was causing discomfort making hiking not pleasurable. Since the operation I have hiked a genuine 100+ miles with no discomfort or pain whatsoever, and am looking forward to hiking the South Downs Way in a few weeks time.

    Asking the British Hernia Centre to perform the operation was the best thing I ever did. The whole experience was stress-free, the surgical team were kind, friendly and good humoured, the nursing care thorough and careful, even my lunch was beautifully cooked!

    Thank you, all of you, for putting me back on the road. You did a great job for which I am profoundly grateful.

  2. AvatarPC said:

    In my 71 years I have never had an anaesthetic and never undergone surgery – until yesterday – when I had a right inguinal hernia repaired under local anaesthetic at the British Hernia Centre.

    I was completely unaware that I had in fact been asleep while this was done. The operation took around half an hour and I felt nothing.

    The team, including my anaesthetists, the theatre staff and all the superb nurses who cared for me from the moment I arrived could not have have done more to ensure my safety and my wellbeing throughout my stay.

    Today 24 hours later I am a little sore but Paracetamol and Ibuprofen are all I have required for pain relief. I have been at work today – admittedly in a low key role- and have negotiated stairs with only slight discomfort

    I can wholeheartedly recommend anyone with a hernia to contact the British Hernia Centre without delay

    Thank you to all those people who were involved in my operation yesterday. You are all wonderful individuals and I feel honoured to have met you and be cared for by you.

  3. AvatarEH said:

    I shall be age 73 next month. I had a right-side inguinal hernia operation on 3 June 2019. Recovery has been very quick – 95% complete. Nine days after the operation, I am generally unaware that I have had surgery. Zero pain getting out of bed. No bruising. A slight ache is noticeable when I walk for too long, which is to be expected one week after an operation. No neuropathic (nerve) pain.

    I am sure the operation has been 100% successful. Brilliant surgeon and medical team. The whole process from first consultation to operation took only five days. My only problem was having my blood pressure taken. I must have the worst example of ‘white coat hypertension’ in the UK!!

    Definitely a 5 star medical centre.

  4. AvatarAS said:

    I am so glad that I had the procedure when I did, as I was having symptoms that indicated that I needed to have it done ASAP!!

    I now don’t have to worry about it any more & can crack on with being a busy Mum again, doing all the fun & crazy things I do with my toddlers!!!

    I am so glad I had it done!!

    The hospital environment was also AMAZING!! It was calm, relaxing and the staff were extremely attentive and kind. Thank you.

  5. AvatarRG said:

    Being self employed I timed the procedure for just before Easter, had 2 weeks work after that and then went on a planned holiday for a week.

    It all worked out extremely well. I was cycling after 6 days, taught swimming after 12 days and conservatively left it until this week to go back to the gym.

    Very glad I did it and glad to be back to my life before the hernia developed. You never can anticipate how you are going to feel but I have felt as right as rain since the anaesthetic wore off and only really took 1.5 working days off!

  6. AvatarDr PB said:

    Thank you to all the wonderful staff at the British Hernia Centre. I was very impressed by your kindness and professional service. My surgeon is exceptional in his integrity and compassion. He really went the extra mile to ensure that I received the right treatment. The advice he gave me not to go ahead with our planned surgery meant he lost the fee (which was promptly refunded) and the theatre booking we had arranged. On top of this he arranged for a colleague to see me the following day just to be sure it was the right decision.

    I highly recommend the centre to anyone considering private surgery, you will be in very safe hands here.

    • AvatarThe British Hernia Centre said:

      We cannot overemphasise the importance of knowing when NOT to operate. Our section on Sports Hernias mentions this. It all hinges on a proper diagnosis to determine which cases should be operable and which not. Sometimes, this is not obvious and takes expert eyes. There are cases where operating is NOT appropriate and could do much more harm than good. See Sport, Groin Pain and Hernia

  7. AvatarDE said:

    I cannot thank the surgical team enough for giving me my quality of life back. Using the British Hernia Centre was the best outcome for me. I am convinced that the operation outcome will be better than using my local NHS hospital because of your expertise in hernia repair.

  8. AvatarPH said:

    I’m amazed at how life changing this op has been. I feel young again! After just a week I was cycling again. After 4 weeks I’m fine with 60-70 mile rides at my normal fast pace. Amazing!

  9. AvatarIS said:

    I did not forget it was a year today that I had the TRIPLE hernia procedure and was going to send my heartfelt thanks once again. It was a nice touch to receive the follow-up questionnaire.

    May I once again pass on my gratitude to my surgeon who carried out the triple repair but also on one had to make good a three time failed previous repair! [performed elsewhere]

    I am now teaching PE again and as a former elite level road racing cyclist am enjoying training again bent double with no issues!!

    Thank you to everyone who made my experience so positive at a time when I was really struggling. As always I recommend the BHC at every opportunity.

    • AvatarThe British Hernia Centre said:

      We love to hear from our previous patients – to tell us how well they got on after their repair here. Yours was more complex than most, being three hernias one of which having been repaired elsewhere and failed three times! We were delighted to do for you exactly as we described and we hope to hear from you again next year with more good news!

  10. AvatarMA said:

    I am so pleased I had my operation performed at the British Hernia Centre, every aspect of the experience was first class! I had no pain with minimum discomfort. I was up and about hours after my operation.

    “The Gold standard in hernia repair”

  11. AvatarRW said:

    I am happy and relieved that this procedure is concluded, and thrilled that the result appears to have been so successful.

    I was surprised at the lack of post-operative pain I experienced (compared with a previous hernia procedure) and I returned to normal activities sooner than I anticipated after the operation.

    I have nothing but respect and admiration for the surgeon and his team, who showed great professionalism and kindness towards me at every stage. Thank you!

    • AvatarThe British Hernia Centre said:

      This, coming from a consultant specialist in another field of medicine is praise indeed. We are all quite touched. Thank you.

  12. AvatarMC said:

    At 45 years old this is only the second operation I’ve ever had.

    The anaesthetist and surgeon put me completely at ease to the point where the surgeon said “nearly done“ to which I replied that I thought he was still prepping!

    The care and professionalism from start to end by all was exceptional. Thank you.

    Today just two weeks after the operation I have walked 20,000 steps two days in a row, swam 900m front crawl and have been using the cross trainer/swimming 200 to 300 m every other day for the last week.

    I also just booked my first triathlon of the season and a ski holiday in March.

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