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Any patient who has had a hernia repaired at The British Hernia Centre is invited to post comments on his/her experience on this blog. It is intended to be a guide for others who are contemplating having their hernia repaired.

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118 thoughts on “Patients’ Reviews, Blog & Comments

  1. AvatarBarry L said:

    I am very happy with the treatment and the recovery period which was much quicker than the keyhole surgery I had on the NHS 5 months ago.

    I am very happy and could not fault the treatment before, during or afterwards.

    Apart from numbness and a bit of discomfort which is getting better by the day, I am back to cycling and running.

    I could not be happier.

  2. AvatarJohn P said:

    I have no hesitation in recommending anyone with a hernia to consult The British Hernia Centre.

    For me the operation has given me my life back again.

    I am 78 but I still wanted to lead an active life. The hernia put paid to most of the things I wished to do. After some research and reading various forums where people have related some frightening post operation experiences I decided that a Specialist Hernia Centre was the prudent choice for my operation.

    I had the operation 30 days ago and my life is well on track to being back to normal. I was able to drive after 4 days and (with caution) able to do most things after 10 days. The pain early days was minimal – I took ibuprofen for the first 2 days mainly to reduce possible inflammation. I am confident that in another 2 months I will be fully recovered well in time for the ski season!

    My grateful thanks to my surgeon and The British Hernia Centre.

  3. AvatarJohn B said:

    I would just like to thank my surgeon and the wonderful staff for the care and attention received at the British Hernia Centre.

    The whole operation lasted about 1.5 hrs including recovery etc but at no point did I feel discomfort or lacking in confidence because I was surrounded by genuine caring nurses/staff.

    I had the opposite side hernia repaired some 10 yrs ago at the British Hernia Centre. Touch wood I have never had a problem with this previous repair hence my reasons for selecting the British Hernia Centre to undertake the current repair.

    I am 68 yrs old and have already returned to bowling some 7 days after the repair and intend to start gym next week – 1 month after the procedure.

  4. AvatarMichael L said:

    It all went very well and the stay overnight with a good dinner and a good breakfast a big help.

    The medical and nursing staff were kind and very caring.

    I was back to my normal routine in 5 days. I feel I was in very good hands.

    • AvatarThe British Hernia Centre said:

      We endeavour to give the best hernia repairs in the world known to surgical science but it seems the good breakfast is what is remembered! Oh well, as long as the patient is happy, we are.

  5. AvatarHarvey G said:

    I would highly recommend The British Hernia Centre to anyone looking for a specialist in hernia repair. I chose to pay privately and use the BHC for my repair giving me the best possible chance of returning to sports and with the quickest recovery time, I have certainly not been disappointed.

    The surgeon who carried out the operation was brilliant. He explained exactly what I could expect from the operation and answered any questions I had, leaving me very confident that I would return to full fitness.

    All of the staff were very friendly and made my short stay very comfortable. Couldn’t recommend this place highly enough.
    Thank you.

  6. AvatarDavid C said:

    HUGE thanks to my wonderful surgeon and all his fantastic staff at the British Hernia Centre. Had day surgery for inguinal hernia. 5* treatment all the way. I went home the same evening completely pain free. The next day my surgeon rang me personally to check how I was…. amazing kindness and dedication. Spent the day in the garden doing light jobs. Today got up a little sore, but able to walk normally with no need for pain killers… 100% happy and hoping to be back on the golf course and road bike in the next few days. Greatest regards and many thanks to my surgeon and his team at the British Hernia Centre. From David C (age 67)

  7. AvatarFerdinand G said:

    The experience was world class. Exceptionally professional. Great hospital, nursing staff and surgeon. I was back at work the day after my operation and back in the gym/ playing golf two weeks after the procedure. I never really experienced any pain. Now one month on, the operation site has healed perfectly.

  8. AvatarMarian P said:

    I am delighted with the results. Very happy with regards to my surgeon, the hospital and the staff. I felt like royalty.

  9. AvatarJosh S said:

    I was driving and returned to work in under a week.

    I have been very happy with The British Hernia Centre, the service I received was top class and I would be delighted to recommend them to anyone who requires any assistance with their hernia.

  10. AvatarDerek Sene said:

    Wonderful experience, I was really frightened about the whole ordeal as I had a large hernia. It turned out to be a nice experience. I was out and walking in less than 24hours. Just a bit of pain getting up from bed for the first two days, but with a little help it was ok. After a week you could see it was a speedy recovery with the dressing removed and a healing wound. Will recommend to anyone that this is the place to go.

  11. AvatarGordon W said:

    I’m extremely happy about how the procedure went

    After two days I was fully able to walk anywhere without any of the original pain at all, and after three days I resumed my work as a joiner- although gently, for the first week. After the first week I was able to work almost completely normally, and now – two weeks on – I’m working as I was before the procedure (but without the discomfort).

    My first repair by yourselves five years ago (on the other side) never gives problems.

    Overall, extremely happy with the whole experience. I was kept informed at all times, and the staff and facilities were excellent.
    Thank you!

    • AvatarThe British Hernia Centre said:

      The procedures we perform are suited equally to patients, be they in heavy manual occupations, sportsmen or women, retired or desk-bound. In all cases, a return to normal without pain or fear of recurrence is the expected outcome.

  12. AvatarMartin T said:

    Having had the same procedure (elsewhere) on my right side 3 or 4 years ago I am able to compare. This time my recovery was much quicker and less painful than the last. I do not like taking painkillers in any shape or form so I stopped taking them after 2 days. Whilst I experienced soreness and a little pain it was nothing that I couldn’t handle.

    I have to say that every member of the team I met at the BHC was superb – knowledgeable, caring and good fun (!). Many, many thanks for your attention and care – much appreciated.

  13. AvatarJohn W said:

    The procedure undertaken at The British Hernia Centre was a complete success.

    Both my surgeon and the nursing staff were highly professional and set me at ease before, during and after my operation.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending The British Hernia Centre to anyone requiring a similar operation.

  14. AvatarJohn L said:

    Two weeks on, I have resumed all my normal activities and the only reason I am not playing golf is because the course is waterlogged!!

    The whole procedure was excellent. The medical and hospital staff were all efficient, caring and professional resulting in an anxiety-free time in the British Hernia Centre.

  15. AvatarAlan D said:

    I was put at ease on my first meeting with the surgeon at my consultation. I was given the opportunity to ask questions about my hernia. The surgeon answered all my questions and explained the hernia repair process. This gave me great confidence.

    On the day of the operation I was made comfortable in a private room where my partner was able to wait with me. All staff were excellent and I was well cared for both before and after the operation. I was particularly pleased that I was able to have the operation under local anaesthesia rather than general anaesthesia. This gave me great confidence. The operation was straightforward and I was well cared for throughout.

    On removing the dressing I was both surprised and delighted to find no sign of bruising. I was glad to meet my surgeon again at my Follow-up appointment to show him what a good job he had done and thank him again.

    I was also impressed and thankful to receive phone calls from the surgeon himself the day after the operation and from the admin staff the following week.

    Result: Excellent!

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