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If you feel that there is benefit in having your hernia repaired by hernia specialists, in a dedicated, specialist hernia centre, then the following information may surprise you.


There are very few real hernia specialists around, in the USA (or the UK or the rest of the western world), it is simply not an area that has attracted many surgeons as a specialty.

In most towns and cities, there are no such specialist facilities at all and you may have to travel to another city if you want this kind of approach.

A further problem faced in the USA is that the costs of medical and surgical care generally, are the highest in the world – by a wide margin!

So, if your current options are…

To have a non-specialist technique of surgery locally 

– or –

Spend a large sum of money traveling to and staying in another city

– and –

Pay a significant amount of money for

  • the operation
  • doctors’ fees
  • anesthesiologist fees
  • drugs and dressings, etc

… then there is a really attractive alternative for you.

We are happy to help arrange a complete ‘package’ for our hernia repair operation to patients from the USA.

Typically* you can

  • fly from the USA to London
  • have the modern operation as described
  • stay in a modern London hotel
  • spend a number of days in the ‘Old Country’ as a tourist
  • fly home again, probably fit to return to normal routine straight away

At an ALL-INCLUSIVE price of (about) $6,000 ** – Perhaps even less §

§    NOTE: Due to the recent and temporary change in exchange rates the Pound is extremely good value compared with the Dollar. Right now, prices for Americans are the lowest they have been for years.

    * for the most common types of hernia, all prices confirmed in accordance with the case
    ** depending upon the surgery required
    The above price, subject to certain conditions and exchange rate variations, includes the whole cost of the operation, fees, hospital costs, drugs & dressings and up to one week (5 nights) in a modern London hotel, plus round trip flights from most major cities across the US. Contact us for information on making arrangements.

Remember, with our techniques you will (for almost all cases) be able to get around almost like any ‘normal’ tourist from the very next day! This really is a ‘Vacation With a Difference’!

After the operation, we are available to you around the clock for 24hr aftercare, in case you need us and just before you leave for home, we take a final look at you, ensure all is well and that you are able to return home in fine shape.

There are not even any stitches to remove! Just a dressing that floats off in the bath tub! The full description of what we do and what shape you are in afterwards is covered in detail in other areas of the website.

If you would like to have your hernia repaired…

  • by the largest tension-free specialist hernia center in the world
  • to the same high standards as are found anywhere in the USA
  • using an American technique
  • at a centre run on American lines with American accredited surgeons


  • enjoy a week in the ‘Old Country’ (shops, a show, the sights, etc.)
  • and get back home again ‘fighting fit’ a week later

…this might be just the thing.

Blue Cross + Blue Shield Recognized

The British Hernia Centre is the leading faculty in its field. Each case is taken on under the very strictest of professional controls and standards and, before any procedure is arranged, we will require comprehensive information about each individual case so as to plan the appropriate treatment.

A patient writes: I traveled from New York in 2002 to have my inguinal hernia repaired at the British Hernia Centre. I had wonderful care, a rapid recovery, and have had a trouble-free repair for more than 12 years. I also got to do some sightseeing just 24 hours after surgery. Going to the British Hernia Centre was one of the best choices I have ever made. Thanks!!!
A patient writes: This past summer while working on my farm, a bulge appeared in my abdomen. I immediately went to my doctor and found that I had bilateral inguinal hernias (a ‘double hernia’). I was then scheduled for surgery here in North Carolina. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance but my cost after co-insurance and deductible was still going to be almost $5,000. This laparoscopic procedure was also going to keep me from any lifting and exercise for several weeks. I started researching if there was any better procedure and also a less expensive alternative.

To my luck, I found the British Hernia Center. They had a different procedure that was done under local anesthesia and had very little down time. Their cost was only around $5,300 total [both hernias]. They also take Blue Cross Insurance. After verifying everything with my insurance, I was on my way to London in less than two weeks. I used air miles so the flight cost was less than $100 round trip.

We booked a bed and breakfast near the hospital. I was tested for MRSA the next morning. We went back to the hospital that afternoon and had the procedure. Four hours later (including cab ride) we were back at our bed and breakfast. The hospital was immaculate and the staff very kind and professional. The next afternoon, I spent six hours touring London with my wife. The following morning we took a bus to Southampton and went on a ten night Baltic Cruise. Two days into the cruise we rented bicycles in Copenhagen and spent the day touring. I could also handle my luggage on the way to the ship.

All and all, we flew to London had the surgery, toured London, went on a 10 night Cruise and still saved a few thousand dollars.

I would highly recommend anyone with a hernia to go to The British Hernia Center for the best hernia repair possible. I am eight months out now and have experienced no complications and only minor soreness for the first few days after the initial procedure.