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Would you like to share your hernia-related experiences elsewhere? Were they as good as described by our patients’ blog on this web site or were they nighmares?

If so, please report what happened on this page. We will try to publish as many appropriate reports as possible on this web site.

Use this space to tell us of your own experiences with hernia problems elsewhere – i.e. NOT at the British Hernia Centre. We will NOT publish names, identify you, hospitals or other parties so please be frank.

Please note, we cannot respond to you personally from this page. For personal advice etc., please see the CONTACT US link and e-mail us from there.


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78 thoughts on “Your Experiences Elsewhere

  1. PR said:

    Hi, I was recently in hospital for six weeks with eschaemic colitis, apparently out of the blue my bowel was blocked by a blood clot. I lost a lot of blood and had several pints of blood transfusions. Prior to this I had been suffering for months with sciatica and when I came out of hospital after several months of pain in the groin and down the leg I had a hip scan which showed up a small inguinal hernia. My doctor has completely dismissed this as being the reason for my groin pain (which is getting worse and hinders my walking) and he has now referred me for a spine scan as he thinks the pain is disc related. I am now having to wait another 3 months for this and meantime I am convinced my hernia is getting worse. My question is how do I get to see a hernia specialist if my doctor is dismissing it and won’t make a referral?

    • The BHC said:

      We cannot, of course, comment on the findings of the doctors who have had the benefit of examining a patient, but to answer the actual question here, in the UK one is always at liberty to consult whoever one wishes. If one seeks such a consultation on the account of the NHS, as indeed is the case with private health insurance as well, one needs to accept that the NHS or insurer will only choose to pay for care that they consider appropriate. It appears that in this instance they do not judge that to be the case. Unless one can convince one’s doctors that his or her hernia is in need of attention then the only way of obtaining a consultation with a hernia specialist is to see one and cover the cost one’s self.

      In any event, the NHS do not actually treat hernia as a specialised area, instead it falls under the umbrella of general surgery, normally not even performed by surgeons of consultant status, let alone specialists in hernia.

      We are deeply sorry to read of this patient’s complex problems but if the hernia is in need of repair, then taking all other factors fully into account, it should be attended to as soon as possible and as well as possible.

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